Self Setting Rubber is Play-Doh for Adults
Self setting rubber is a powerful substance with uses that are as diverse as your imagination! [Image shared by Amazon]
Self setting rubber is Play-Doh for adults. But before you get the impression that such a versatile substance is merely a toy, let me explain some of the powerful uses for this unique product that are only limited by the imagination.

Self Setting Rubber Has Many Useful Purposes

Here are some things about self setting rubber that you may not have known:

  • It is a self-setting rubber that you form by hand and allow to cure overnight at room temperature.
  • Its self-adhesive quality bonds to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, and some fabrics.
  • It is easily removable from most non-porous surfaces
  • It is waterproof, UV resistant, electrically insulating, and dishwasher-proof when cured
  • It is bendable to any color and is temperature-resistant from -50 to +180 degree Celsius
  • You can store self setting rubber in the fridge to double its shelf life

Are the wires of your Apple iPod charger beginning to fray apart? Use self setting rubber to repair and strengthen the wires. Do you need a non-slip grip on tools? Use self setting rubber to coat the hand grip with a rubber surface that is impervious to water or sweating hands. Is that faucet handle on the outside spigot of your home slippery? Coat the handle with self setting rubber and get a solid grip on it. Do you need to repair a broken non-slip pad on the bottom of your computer? Again, self setting rubber will come to the rescue and in just one night, your new pad is ready for use. Do you want to add a non-slip grip to a camera, tablet, iPod or other electronic device? Look no further than self setting rubber.

Self Setting Rubber is Tough and Resilient

Self setting rubber is like a self-adhesive foam that is perfect for many do-it-yourself projects and problems. The product is tough and adheres well to many surfaces. Yet, when the time comes, self setting rubber can be easily removed. One of the most novel uses of self setting rubber is adding knobs to remote control buttons so that you can feel them in the dark.

Do you need your repair to look professional or just want to remove your fingerprints from the repair? Simply add a drop of water to your fingertip and, voila, you have that professional look that you require!

Have you ever used self setting rubber in any of your DIY projects? Please tell us about your experiences in the comments below.