Does your business follow the practice of unified communications? Properly utilized, it can be a powerful and essential tool that will help your business prosper. This post was sponsored by Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Powered Work, but all opinions expressed are mine.

Unified Communications Will Increase Productivity

Unified Communications Increase Productivity
Does your business follow the practice of unified communications? Properly utilized, it can be a powerful and essential tool that will help your business prosper. [Image shared by Urs Steiner via Flickr]
Unified communications is a very important part of any business because it closes the gap and gives users more control over their companies. When handled correctly, it can help to increase productivity so your company can grow and thrive, which is vital if you want to survive in this very competitive world. What are some communication challenges that your company faces? What tools are you using to combat these issues?

Small businesses face many challenges and how you deal with them determines the future of the company. Therefore, you need ways to communicate efficiently and increase productivity if you want to accomplish your short and long-term goals.

Unified communications is steadily growing in popularity as a business trend. It offers more ways to communicate using modern technology that allows you to stay in touch with and have access to your files and other important information when you’re not in the office. Just think, a few years ago, we would not have been able to communicate so quickly and easily with our business teams.

You can achieve unified communications by using a cloud-based enterprise productivity solution such as Microsoft Office 365. Let’s explore how this business trend can help your company succeed.

Staying in Touch

Communications is a very important part of any business. If communications break down, every aspect of your business will follow, right? On the other hand, if you have the ability to stay in touch with and to share information with your employees, business associates and clients at all times, it will greatly enhance productivity and your company will run more efficiently. It could mean the difference between gaining a new client and missing out on a golden opportunity.

You never know when or where you’ll run into a potential client or someone who could be a valuable supporter of your company and you’ll want to have a way to share information with that person while they’re in the mood to hear it. Having unified communications where you have access to company documents through a mobile device and being able to share this information could make a huge difference in securing the deal.

Implementing mobile services into the workplace is an excellent business strategy, which can help your company reach both your short and long-term goals. These services include but are not limited to email, text messaging, web chat and file sharing. With the right services, you can make mobile productivity a reality for your company and that is what unified communications is all about.

Understanding Mobile Productivity

Making mobile productivity a reality simply means providing you and your employees with a way to access certain applications through mobile devices. When you can share documents, receive and send emails, and even hold meetings and conferences from a mobile device, you have the freedom to handle many tasks associated with daily operations while taking care of other important business.

For example, employees can have access to important documents and share information with potential clients at trade shows and other special events. This will make sharing information more convenient and you’ll look more professional and organized than you would if you’re carrying around a briefcase full of papers.

Take a few minutes to think about how having access to your email where you can send and receive messages anywhere, at any time, will greatly enhance your response time to questions or concerns from your clients or business associates. Responding quickly helps your company build a positive reputation that will increase brand awareness and sales. It will help you maintain a good relationship with all those who help support your company.

Unified Communications Encourages Teamwork and Reduces Downtime

Unifying communications through mobile devices can help to encourage teamwork among your employees and it can help to reduce employee downtime. When your staff can communicate with each other using instant messaging, email and file sharing services no matter where they are, it encourages teamwork because it makes it easy for them to work together. They can also set up video calls between clients to help support your business and to encourage more sales.

Reaching for the brass ring of productivity in cloud apps can take your company to new heights by reducing downtime and helping employees use their time more wisely. Here’s a good example of how this works. Imagine how much downtime you could save conveying important information by holding business meetings between employees and management using video chat or Skype on mobile devices instead of meeting in person.

You could share documents through the file sharing services, exchange information, and hold discussions just like you would do in person. However, employees would not have to leave their workstations to make a special trip to participate in the meetings.

This would also save you time in planning out the meetings because all you need to do is set aside a special time that everyone knows about and they can participate in the meeting no matter where they are. Therefore, using cloud apps on your mobile devices will help increase productivity by helping to reduce employee downtime.

Primary Function of Unified Communications

The primary function of unified communications is to use all forms of communications available to your company in such a way that it will enhance business and keep your company running smoothly. Using mobile devices to conduct daily operations will allow you to do business in real time, which will help you and your employees use your time more efficiently. By doing this, you’ll automatically increase productivity and build a great reputation for your company in the process.

Using a service like Microsoft Office 365 will help your business run more smoothly than ever before. It allows employees to make good use of their time by providing them with access to files, documents, emails, and more using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. It allows you to travel to meet with clients or to represent your company at special events while still having complete access to everything you need to run your business efficiently.

Keeping the lines of communication open helps to prevent misunderstandings and it makes it easier to stay organized. It makes you appear more professional in the eyes of the consumers and that will help earn their trust and respect.

What are some ways your business uses unified communications to help increase productivity?