Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe
Kill more zombies with this surgical stainless steel axe [Image shared by Amazon]
Armory Replicas has introduced the Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe, which I must say looks like it could hack open more than a few noggins of the undead with ease before its routine maintenance sharpening.

Of course, when you are not out fending off swarms of animated cadavers from eating the brains of you and your loved ones, this zombie killer axe could be used for more mundane chores like splitting wood for a camp fire (for warmth or burning the piles of headless zombies you’ve dispatched since the onset of the apocalypse).

What Makes This Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe so Special?

This bad boy’s blade is made of 3CR13 surgical stainless steel. But before you go out and try to do open heart surgery on your neighbor, you may wish to know that while sharp, this axe has not been approved by the American Medical Association. With that being said, the words on the super sharp blade say it all: Zombie Killer — and everyone knows that you cannot put any statement on merchandise unless it is true. Some of its other fantastic features include:

  • A head thickness of 4.75mm, a head width of 3.25 inches, and a weight of 1.45 lbs.
  • An aluminum handle length of 13 inches
  • A free nylon holster, steel snap enclosures, Zombie Killer emblem on head, and nylon cord wrap
  • An overall length of 14.5 inches, with a head length of 7 inches

The Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe Is Able to Shock and Awe

In addition to the 3CR13 surgical stainless steel blade, this zombie killer axe has a molded polypropylene black handle with zombie green wrapped cord. The powder black blade features oval cutouts and an aggressive serrated back pick axe, which is tapered round. The axe also features a lanyard hole/glass breaker and comes with a nylon sheath with a belt loop.

When the reanimated corpses of the recently deceased begin to rise up and devour the living (it’s really more of a when than an if, don’t you think?), you are going to need yourself a good, quality weapon on your hip. The Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe is no friend to the undead. Its surgical stainless steel blade will cut through limbs, body, and the head of any zombie, whether they were once a librarian or a linebacker. When you are in close combat with a zombie, you want to have the best cutting, hacking and stabbing weapon available and the Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe is such a weapon.

What weapons would you consider required to make your zombie killer arsenal complete?