Color Changing Shower Head Nozzle
The Color Changing Shower Head Nozzle adds a splash of color to your showering experience. [Image shared by Amazon]
Skittles candy commercials are always inviting us to “taste the rainbow,” but have you ever considered showering with the rainbow? The Color Changing Shower Head Nozzle provides a rainbow of LED light that cycles every two seconds and douses the body with a healthy dose of cascading, colorful streams of cleansing.

Why Do You Need a Color Changing Shower Head?

Among the reasons one might consider a color changing shower head:

  • LED colors light up using the power of water pressure
  • No batteries are needed or required
  • The lights cycle every two seconds
  • The colors it displays are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and violet
  • It attaches to any standard shower fixture

As you can see from the product description of the Color Changing Shower Head, this puppy provides a host of features that outshine those standard, boring shower fixtures. How do I know this? Well, my wife and I recently purchased a new home and the previous owners had installed one of those puny, cheap shower heads that barely push out an adequate water flow. In fact, it was so inadequate that it was one of the first bathroom fixtures I replaced. My new shower head provided the water flow that I needed to give some pizazz to my showering experience and provide an invigorating experience during my wake-up shower.

The Color Changing Shower Head Nozzle can add some color and light to an otherwise dull showering experience. Just seeing the array of colors can add some spice to your day and help you get started on the right foot.

The Color Changing Shower Head Can Get Your Kids to Shower More Often

As any parent or grandparent knows, getting kids to bathe can sometimes become a chore and a battle of wits. For some unknown reason, kids have an aversion to keeping themselves clean and their teeth brushed. This is especially true of the “tweens” (those young people between 10 and 13), who will sit for hours on end coming up with a variety of excuses why taking a bath or shower is currently not a high priority in life.

Using the Color Changing Shower Head Nozzle can change their opinion about showering by providing the youth with a light show that could potentially lure them into taking a shower and making your life just a little easier.