Touch Screen Gloves
With touch screen gloves like these, you can type or text and keep your hands warm at the same time. [Image shared by Amazon]
What good are touch screen gloves? Now that winter is coming (no reports on whether this will result in regime change or swarms of undead migrating south), it’s time to start thinking about how to comfortably adapt our everyday activities to accommodate potentially subzero temperatures and wind chill factors that could make a yeti scramble for extra blankets at bedtime.

With most of us owning some kind of touch screen device nowadays — whether it be a tablet or a smart phone (or both!) — considering the Agloves touch screen gloves, which allow you to use touch screens without exposing your naked fingers to the elements, might very well be worth your while.

Touch Screen Gloves Make Texting in Cold Weather Easy

Anyone who has ever fumbled over their touch screen cell phone or tablet in cold weather while simultaneously trying to keep their hands warm knows that it is usually impossible. Tapping on an application icon, swiping the touch screen, or using other screen functions while wearing typical winter gloves is pretty much a no go (and don’t even try it in mittens). In other words, you must remove the gloves while typing to get the cell phone or tablet to even mildly respond to your commands.

With the award-winning Agloves original touch screen gloves, which provide ten-finger functionality with top-rated accuracy and precision, using your cell phone or tablet is a breeze.

Not All Touch Screen Gloves Are Equal in Performance

There may be plenty of imitations on the market place, but few can compare to the Agloves original touch screen gloves. With some 384 reviews on the Amazon website, these gloves have an average rating of four (out of five) stars. For those who shop at Amazon frequently, you will realize that a four-star rating means that people who bought this brand of touch screen gloves are very satisfied.

In addition to being touch screen friendly, most of the reviewers also claim that these gloves keep their hands warm. That in itself is an additional benefit beside making it easier to text, send emails, or surf the Internet. There is another feature that I believe one should be aware of. With non-touch screen friendly gloves, you most likely will want to remove your cell phone from your pocket or purse before trying to text or type. This is when you most likely could drop your phone. In this way, the Agloves touch screen gloves could save you from the expense of purchasing a new device.