Spider Computer Mouse Glows in the Dark
A real spider embedded in acrylic makes this mouse special. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Spider Computer Mouse, which glows in the dark, will add function and value to your computing tasks (while potentially creeping out your friends — like Chris Pirillo — who freak out at the mere mention of the “s” word).

And just in time for Halloween, too…

The Spider Computer Mouse is a Mouse with Character

Many of us have been using some type of computer mouse for several decades — or at least as long as we’ve been playing with computers. We usually consider a mouse to be just a mouse — nothing more and nothing less. As a controller, the mouse has become a staple for most of us who use either a desktop or laptop style computer. But the Spider Computer Mouse is a unique device that adds character and style to your computer rig. It is also the perfect gift for the insect and spider enthusiasts in your life. Think 10 to 14-year-old boys or men who want something different to impress their friends.

In addition, the Spider Computer Mouse is no optical illusion. This is a 100% real spider that is embedded in the clear acrylic shell.

Why the Spider Computer Mouse Will Make a Great Gift for That Geek in Your Life

The Spider Computer Mouse is a tribute to the Smithsonian’s O. Orkin Insect Zoo, located in the National Museum of Natural History. For anyone who has visited any of the Smithsonian museums, you know how precise the museums are in their presentation of the history — including natural history — of our country. With this in mind, the Spider Computer Mouse keeps this tradition alive by presenting the user with a real spider encased in acrylic. In addition, the mouse also has the capability of glowing in the dark, which only adds to its mystique.

With Halloween fast approaching, what better gift for that favorite geek in your life than this Spider Computer Mouse?

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