Fence Window For Pets
Give your dog a window to the world with a fence window for pets. [Image shared by Amazon]
A fence window for pets gives your curious dog (or other yard pets — perhaps you have a herd of goats out there) a clear view of what’s happening on the other side of the fence without having to jump up and down to sneak a peek.

Why Your Dog Deserves a Fence Window for Pets

Your dog spends a good part of his or her life sleeping. When awake, your beloved pooch is probably curious about what’s going on in the world — and will go out of his or her way to investigate matters. When confined to the limited space of a back yard, it can be frustrating for someone with four woefully short legs to catch a glimpse of the exciting world on the other side of the fence.

You can be a good human and solve your canine’s curiosity issues by installing something like the PetPeek Fence Window for pets, which will easily provide your dog with the clarity and vision usually afforded to the two-legged family members.

Sidewalk traffic and the comings and goings of the neighborhood will no longer be a walled-off secret to a pet given the courtesy of a PetPeek Fence Window. This can be fun for Fido, and an extra security feature for the household; if trouble really does come to visit, your dog will be the first one to know and announce the situation to the whole family.

The acrylic dome format of the fence window is 9.5 inches in diameter and allows the snoutier among us to really lean in for a full view of what’s on the other side. Plus it’s easy to clean and is proudly made in the United States.

The Fence Window Will Make Your Doggie Go ‘Woof-Woof’

I have a dog who lives next to my side yard. His bark makes it appear that he is furious and very territorial. When someone walks by his yard or rides past on a bicycle, I have observed him barking in spite of his tail wagging back and forth. It actually appears that he has a smile on his precious little puppy face and is merely saying hello to his neighbors.

The PetPeek Fence Window works both ways: startled humans who can usually only hear this dog’s ferocious-sounding barking could be reassured by being able to see the accompanying — and much friendlier — body language. And a pet lucky enough to have access to a PetPeek Fence Window will more easily recognize the familiar faces of the neighborhood and be less likely to freak out and jump over the fence in pursuit of an imagined intruder. Everybody wins!