Zombie Garden Gnome Yard Decoration
Gastropods, gardeners, and trick-or-treaters will all run in fear from your brain-eating Zombie Garden Gnome! [Image shared by Amazon]
What’s that lurking in the underbrush? Is it a racoon? The neighbor’s dog? An escaped (but undoubtedly adorable) kitten? Oh, no, friends. This is a far more sinister visitor to the herb garden. Grab your shotgun or other head-obliterating implement, because it’s a Zombie Garden Gnome, and it’s come for one thing, and one thing only: brains!

This Zombie Garden Gnome wasn’t always so driven by such single-minded purpose, though. It once loved to frolic in the sunbeams along with the roses and the marigolds. It had a happy little gnome family who lived behind the hedge. It once enjoyed nights out with the lads, sipping sweet intoxication from dew-drenched buttercups and carousing about the town, exchanging heated discussions about whatever mysterious sports the fey folk follow.

Then the living dead came and changed everything, everywhere, forever, and our tiny friend was transformed into a brain-sucking ghoul to become the Zombie Garden Gnome — just in time for Halloween. Great for you! Not so great for him (or anyone who’s crossed his path since that fateful day).

A Zombie Garden Gnome For Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year for several reasons. First, I have always enjoyed watching the kids come to our home and the reaction of the little ones when we give them candy or other treats. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I enjoy Halloween because it is my birthday. I know, I know. I have heard all of the jokes over the years, but the fact remains that this is the day I celebrate my birth and I get to share my day with everyone who trick or treats.

And I guess I don’t mind sharing it with a Zombie Garden Gnome, either. I mean, he’s already having a bad day. Why not try and give him a little joy before he figures out a way to breach my zombie-barricaded house and chew through my skull to get at the tasty prize inside?

The Zombie Garden Gnome Is a Fun Little Piece of Garden Horror

Halloween brings out all of our Halloween toys, including one of my favorites. We have a shrunken human skull that I usually hang from the bottom of the front door porch light. The skull is battery operated and has a built-in motion sensor. When someone approaches the front door, the skull lets out a hideous scream that makes everyone jump when it first activates.

Another of my favorites is a grotesque medium’s head inside of a glass bowl, and then there’s the witch who rocks in a rocking chair. With all of this in mind, you will not be surprised why I think that a Zombie Garden Gnome would enhance anyone’s front yard or home during the Halloween season. After all, remember: you won’t only be celebrating Halloween, but my birthday as well.

The Zombie Garden Gnome is about 17 inches tall, and is made of sturdy Plastic-PS. I guess that’s what happens when you’re unceremoniously infected by the animated dead…

Get your own Zombie Garden Gnome at Amazon (and stop coveting mine)!