Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Makes Fetch Fun for All
Hyper Dog Ball Launcher makes playing Fetch with an energetic dog fun for the human who’s got to throw the ball, too. [Image shared by Amazon]
Have a dog in the family who loves to play Fetch past the point that it becomes physically exhausting for you, the human who only has to throw the ball? The Hyper Dog Ball Launcher may be just the ticket for saving your arm from undue strain during especially spirited rounds of Fetch — and there’s a strong possibility the dog will get tired before you do for a change!

Our middle daughter and her family live in Connecticut, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to visit them several times a year. Included in their family are two golden retrievers, and one — named Bennie — loves to play Fetch. This dog is a bundle of energy who will be more than happy to run, fetch, and run some more as long as someone is willing to throw a ball for him. If it’s a game of endurance, he wins — paws down — because it’s not long before my arm just can’t take it anymore and I have to stop.

The Hyper Dog Ball Launcher, which is basically a wrist rocket cleverly designed to effortlessly slingshot tennis balls great distances (up to 220 feet!), is an ideal solution for this human throws ball, dog brings ball back to human, and repeat ad infinitum situation.

You and Your Dog Will Appreciate the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

For anyone with a dog who loves to fetch a ball, you realize how difficult it is to continually throw a ball in rapid succession. Your dog never seems to tire of the game even when your throwing arm gives out. For those who recognize this situation and have been looking for a solution, the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher may be your answer.

Get your own Hyper Dog Ball Launcher at Amazon (where the version with four balls is cheaper than the one with two and includes free shipping for Prime members — that’s weird math that works in your favor)!