Covert Escape Chest Pack
The Covert Escape Chest Pack is well made and perfect for carrying what you can’t on your belt. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Covert Escape Chest Pack makes it practical to carry more electronic devices, tools, or other items than you could on your belt.

Why a Covert Escape Chest Pack Will Make Your Life Easier

The Covert Escape Chest Pack carries tools or other equipment in five configurations that suit your needs. The newly designed 2013 Covert Escape Chest Pack has been improved by using a heavier nylon fabric to make it tougher and giving it a plush quilted micro-suede interior. In addition, the manufacturer has added loop Velcro fasteners for attaching further holsters that allow the user to attach more equipment or tools. This convertible harness can be expanded to carry more items than could be carried on a belt — and more easily reached.

What Are Some of the Uses for the Covert Escape Chest Pack?

I have a good friend who is a fanatic when it comes to riding his bicycle. It is not uncommon for him to enter a race and go 50 or more miles in a single race. One of the problems he faces is his inability to carry some of the repair items he may need during his race. With this Covert Escape Chest Pack, he is able to carry tube patches, a multi-tool, a CO2 pump, and a change of clothes if needed.

His son went on a 115-mile hiking trek with his Boy Scout troop. The young man was able to carry a compass, flashlight, map, first aid kit, and other items that he could easily get to while hiking. This alleviated the need to remove his pack to grab these items on the fly.

There is also another use that I can see for the chest pack. During the recent forest fire at Yosemite in California, one of the items that people were forgetting to pack were their medications and it wasn’t until these people were evacuated that they discovered what they had forgotten and needed. A Covert Escape Chest Pack could also be packed ahead of time and used as a survival vest in case of emergencies. In addition to their medications, people could include a change of clothing and needed toiletries. If disaster — natural or otherwise — strikes, they’ll (to borrow a phrase from the aforementioned Boy Scouts) “be prepared.”

Get your own Covert Escape Chest Pack at Amazon and be prepared, too!