PadTab Tablet Wall Mount
With the PadTab Tablet Wall Mount, you can easily affix your iPad or Android tablet to any flat surface — no tools required!. [Image shared by Amazon]
The PadTab Tablet Wall Mount makes it easy to mount your favorite tablet anywhere in your home or office.

You Can Use Your PadTab Tablet Wall Mount to Meet a Variety of Needs

Apple iPad and Android-powered tablets have become a dominant force in the world today. These slim, lightweight electronic devices have created an easier way to bring the Internet into our homes and offices — and even when traveling between the two. With the advent of streaming media via high-speed Internet connections, we can now view video from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and others from anywhere we wish. Watching televisions shows, movies, and online videos has never been easier.

With the PadTab Tablet Wall Mount, you will have the ability to mount your favorite electronic device anywhere you wish. This means that if you are working in the kitchen, you aren’t limited to video streaming but also have the ability to retrieve and view your favorite recipes online while keeping your device free of extraneous kitchen debris.

How Does the PadTab Tablet Wall Mount Work?

The PadTab Tablet Wall Mount’s industrial strength 3M adhesive can be affixed to any hard shell case cover instead of the device itself. This should help alleviate the concerns that the adhesive could damage the case of your device. Once the tabs are affixed to the device, you can then stick your iPad or tablet directly to any wall, cabinet, door, refrigerator, or other clean surface. The easy on and off design makes it simple to place or remove your iPad or other tablet device with ease.

With the PadTab Tablet Wall Mount, you get two non-intrusive, clear, and paintable TabClips for hanging your device in two different locations.

Get your own PadTab Tablet Wall Mount from Amazon and live in the future today!