Zombie Head Decanter
If you or someone you know is a zombie lover (not a zombie fighter), then the Zombie Head Decanter will make a perfect gift. [Image shared by Amazon]
A Zombie Head Decanter serves as a fine reminder that, in spite of all that you’ve been through during these troubled times, you’re still among the living. Use the glass approximation of an undead flesh ripper’s noggin to keep your favorite liquors or other beverages in Halloween or year-round horror style.

Zombies generally hunt their prey in massive hordes because their strength is not in speed, but in numbers. Still, even the sight of one bloody walking corpse is enough to make those of us who haven’t become grizzled veterans of the zombie apocalypse run in terror — or at least shout out in hopes of help from the few humans among us who remain.

Of course, that’s likely to attract the hordes that can’t be far off from the occasional stray. And so the perpetual zombie commotion machine continues to ravage the land and diminish the living populace until Earth is just an undead husk floating in space — a cosmic gravestone to warn away any alien visitors who may have come in peace or otherwise.

So make sure to be quiet and sever the zombie’s head from its body with one swift hack of your machete (every wise zombie apocalypse survivor should have one) and you may just live another day. Or just buy your own Zombie Head Decanter and you can avoid the mess entirely.

The Zombie Head Decanter Will Enhance Your Decor During Halloween

What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than to display a Zombie Head Decanter prominently for all to see? If you want to add a touch of realism to the decanter and further creep out your friends, why not add red food coloring to the water and/or fake, jelly-filled eyeballs before filling the decanter to the brim? Even if liquor is not on your usual menu, filling the decanter with marbles is an alternative choice that will make the Zombie Head Decanter stand out in any room.

This Zombie Head Decanter is Quality Made and Reasonably Priced

Priced at under $20, one would think that this 27 oz. (800 ml) decanter would be made of cheap plastic and not glass, but that is not the case. Some of the reviewers even describe the decanter as being made of “nice, thick glass.”

With Halloween in mind, some of the other reviewers suggest filling the Zombie Head Decanter with green liquid and adding glow sticks. Also suggested was adding dark rum to the decanter to bring out all of the detail of the zombie head.

For your undead-loving family members, friends, or acquaintances, the Zombie Head Decanter will make a perfect gift. But there is also one other person that would really love this as a gift: that is you. If you were not a zombie-loving person, I doubt that you would have read this far, so go ahead.

Get your own Zombie Head Decanter at Amazon and spoil yourself.