Panic Red Button Light Switch
Why do you need a Panic Red Button Light Switch? Because it’s fun! [Image shared by Amazon]
In spite of anything that the late Douglas Adams may have said during his too-short time on planet Earth, sometimes you do want to panic.

The Panic Red Button Light Switch is a replacement kit for your standard wall switch. Add a touch of class to your boring light switches and be noticed by all who come to your home or office. By installing the Panic Red Button Light switch at home or in your office, you will be known as the person who knows how to panic in style.

The Panic Red Button Light Switch is Easy To Install

Most of us who have ever replaced a faulty or broken light switch in our home or business are already aware of how simple the procedure is. For those who haven’t ventured into light switch replacement, here are a few tips on how to proceed. The most important tip, for safety reasons, is to make sure you have completely shut off the power to the light switch you will be replacing. To accomplish this, go to the electrical panel or fuse box located in your home or office. Next, identify the appropriate circuit and make sure you turn the circuit to the off position. Go back to where the switch is located and flip it on to make sure the light doesn’t come on.

After you have the power turned off, test the circuit using either an inexpensive volt meter, or a non-contact voltage detector that is called a ‘tic’ by electricians in order to confirm the power is off. If you don’t have either of these devices, call an electrician!

Now you are ready to remove the wall plate, which is usually made of plastic. To remove the plate, locate the two mounting screws that secure the light switch to the electrical junction box. These screws are located at the top and the bottom of the wall plate. Loosen the two screws and remove the wires. Once the plate has been removed, locate and loosen the green ground screw and remove the ground wire (applicable in newer homes). You are finally ready to remove the light switch. To install the new Panic Red Button Light Switch, reverse the above procedures and turn the power back on. If you are unsure of any of these steps, call an electrician! Be safe!

Why Do You Need A Panic Red Button Light Switch?

The answer to this question is actually very simple: because it’s fun! How many people do you know who have a Panic Red Button Light Switch installed in their home or office? Be the tip of the sword, a leader, a direction finder, top dog, head honcho — whatever — and be the first in your neighborhood to own and install the Panic Red Button Light Switch.

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