Rubik's Cube Coasters by Spinning Hat
The Rubik’s Cube Coasters will protect your furniture from water marks and stains while decorating your house in a way that recalls an important piece of geek history. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Rubik’s Cube Coasters by Spinning Hat form a real Rubik’s Cube when stacked together, just like the original. Show your friends and associates just how smart you really are by providing them with a challenge that only you can can solve. Yes, I am one of those smart people who can actually solve the puzzle and have lived to tell the tale.

The Rubik’s Cube Coasters Are Nostalgic and Fun to Use

When stacked together, the Rubik’s Cube Coasters form the familiar Rubik’s Cube that many of us grew up with. The original Rubik’s Cube, first introduced to the world in 1980, was a huge success. Its success was partially due to the fact that, at the time, there were no personal computers anywhere to be seen. Without them, the masses found enjoyment in trying to solve the mysteries of the puzzle known as the Rubik’s Cube. For some, solving this puzzle was extremely difficult, while for others it was not much of a challenge at all. However, its popularity is still seen in its design — a recognizable, iconic image that has carried over from one generation to another.

Here’s a little additional info about the Rubik’s Cube Coasters:

  • The old-school, classic coasters are similar to a real Rubik’s cube.
  • A set of six coasters completes the set.
  • The coasters are made of 100% plastic.
  • Coasters measure 4 x 4 x 0.6-inches.
  • Other accessories, such as a mug and desk tidy, are also available.

Protect Your Precious Furniture From Water Marks Using the Rubik’s Cube Coasters

The creators of the Rubik cube coaster have taken the iconic image and transformed it into something that is useful for today. For those of us who have chosen wood furniture to complete our home decor, we are all too familiar with what happens when a glass of liquid sits on a piece of wood. As condensation builds up on the outside of the glass, water drops form and run down the side of the glass. This often results in damage to the furniture in the form of a round water mark that is left behind.

Using the Rubik’s Cube Coaster by Spinning Hat will protect the finish of your furniture, but that is just one aspect of these coasters. Since the Rubik’s Cube has become an iconic novelty over the years, these coasters will also be a conversation piece for you and your guests for years to come.

Get your own Rubik’s Cube Coasters at Amazon and keep furniture damage at bay in a way that stays in touch with geek history!