Big Bang Theory Trivia Game
The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game offers you a lot of bang for your buck. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game offers you a lot of bang for your buck. As you play the game with your friends or family members, this fact or fiction game allows all players to join the cast of this popular TV series.

Test Your Big Bang Theory Trivia

Do you know who Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny are? Can you answer questions specific to each character, the television plot, or other facts about the show itself? If you can, the Big Bang Theory Trivia Game is a perfect match for you. This family-oriented game pits you against your opponents as you all attempt to answer questions about the television series.

  • The game includes trivia questions as well as questions about the characters.
  • You get to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock rounds against each other.
  • The player who can collect all five character cards is crowned the winner of the game.
  • The Big Bang Theory is one of the hottest shows on television and is watched by millions of viewers.
  • There are over 400 questions for you and the other players to answer.

Why Would You Want to Buy a Big Bang Theory Trivia Board Game?

As many of you most likely know, board games are still popular and still provide plenty of family entertainment. Though we have all played games on our phones, tablets, and computers, a board game has several advantages over online game play. First, you have the interaction with other people, mainly family and friends. I know in our family, gatherings usually end in an evening of some type of board game, in which both adults and children partake.

What I have found is that playing a board game brings people closer together. I recall one evening in which we had about 12 people playing a board game, including six youths of varying ages, and the interaction was truly amazing. However, the greatest thing was that, instead of the kids hiding their faces in the light of some type of electronic device, everyone was having a great time and everyone had a smile of their face. Why not get it in time for the holidays and give your family a chance to connect in a special way?

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