Dopamine Earrings
Dopamine Earrings are scientifically proven to say “I’m falling for you.” [Image shared by Amazon]
Ah, falling in love, the most sublime of chemical processes. These Dopamine Earrings are the most romantic gift you could possibly purchase for your organic chemistry loving future mad scientist girlfriend (or boyfriend; these things are gender neutral adornments).

Imagine, if you will, the following scene: due to elevated levels of toxins and carbon in the atmosphere, the sunset is dappled with the most brilliant oranges, pinks, and purples. Climate change is still in the “comfortable” stages. You and your love can cuddle up along an unnaturally eroded cliff to watch the sky display with only a t-shirt on. You haven’t said the L word yet; statistically, though, if you do not do it soon, the relationship will reach a “togetherness asymptote.” All empirical and anecdotal evidence seems to be pointing to the same conclusion. It is time to say the words, but you are so much better than that. You bust out these!

Dopamine Earrings Bust a Move on Your Behalf

The Dopamine Earrings say it all for you. Your paramour is impressed with both the lightweight, silver plated structure of the jewelry, but also with your obvious understanding of human brain chemicals and their effect on perceived emotions. Just as you predicted, the two of you feel a rush of that now so familiar chemical into your system and pleasure centers bloom. There is a green flash on the horizon, and you kiss — all thanks to your clever purchase of these Dopamine Earrings.

It should also be noted that dopamine is involved in the feeling of personal satisfaction as well, and these earrings should deliver. Aside from the obvious molecular implications, the design itself is right on trend with its simple geometric design. These Dopamine Earrings are quite a fashionable and subtle way to declare your inner geek to the world. Even without a sunset, these beauties will still shine and deserve a place in the lobes of you and your loved (or even really, really liked) one.

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