FakeTV Burglar Deterrent
The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent simulates the look of an active television — and an occupied home — to the potential intruder. [Image shared by Amazon]
With the technology of LED lights, the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent simulates the look of an active television that can be seen from outside your home. Burglars, for the most part, are a lazy bunch of thieves who prey on empty homes and steal other people’s possessions. Using a FakeTV Burglar Deterrent makes it look like you’re home watching television, prompting would-be thieves to think twice before trying to hit your place.

How Does the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Actually Work?

The principle is actually very simple. We are all familiar with how the glow of a television flashes light into a room and, from there, through the curtains or blinds. From the exterior of the home, this light portrays the illusion that someone is home and is watching television. The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent actually is an LED light that simulates scene changes and motion similar to those from a typical television set — which is much cheaper in energy costs than just leaving a television on when nobody’s home. The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent is described as:

  • Having the ability to simulate light similar to a 27″ LCD HD television.
  • Being able to deter burglars by making your home appear to be occupied.
  • Simple to use with a single switch to operate the device.
  • The unit comes with an AC adapter and uses the same energy as a night light.

What Are the Timer Settings for the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent?

The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent comes with a built-in timer with the following four settings available for you to use:

  • Off setting turns the unit off completely
  • On at dusk for four hours — uses photoelectric eye
  • On at dusk for seven hours — uses photoelectric eye
  • On all of the time — 24 x 7 of continuous operation and fully functional

In addition to using the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent, I would also recommend that you leave a radio on as well. You can easily connect a radio to any type of timer and coordinate the radio broadcast with the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent. I would recommend setting your radio to a news reporting station, such as CNN, to add further realism.

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