Dinosaur Kigurumi Does Triple Cretaceous Duty
This Dinosaur Kigurumi costume idea is unstoppable! [Image shared by Pinksmish]
Are you the first person at the sleepover to fall asleep? Have you ever woken up from a hazy night of fun to be the victim of lewd graffiti upon your pristine personage? These problems can be embarrassing, but just in time for Halloween, I have a solution for you. This Dinosaur Kigurumi makes a great, amazingly comfy costume. Show up looking like a dinosaur and it’ll take a pretty brave bitch to mess with you no matter how early you pass out. Just make sure you lay down the law before anyone gets too tipsy. You might also want to take this time to educate them on the cultural heritage of your get-up. Kigurumi is a term used in Japan to describe character pajamas that are often used as street wear. I guess this one could also pass for a Godzilla costume or even a degenerate green monster costume, but I think it works best as a Dinosaur Kigurumi. I am especially found of this costume when used in conjunction with a grabber.

Dinosaur Kigurumi is Comfy and Prestigious

Dinosaur Kigurumi Does Triple Cretaceous Duty
Grrr… squirrels! [Image shared by Pinksmish]
This versatile wonder can also serve as a pair of super warm pajamas. Let the monster under the bed just try and attack you in your Dinosaur Kigurumi. Not going to happen. This thing is so warm, snugly, and fierce that the creatures who go bump in the night are more likely to mistake you for their alpha. You could send them as emissaries of wrath to the bedrooms and closets of your worst enemies, or you know, just sleep peacefully all wrapped up in your soft pajamas of fierceness.

Finally, if you were abandoned in the middle of the forest, this is what you want to be wearing. Again, the fearsome nature of the bright yellow spikes comes in handy here. You won’t get pegged in the head by a naughty squirrel in this thing. No how, no way. No sleeping bag? No problem. Just curl up on the forest floor and put up the hood on your Dinosaur Kigurumi for a blissful dream time. The spiked tail is also useful for clearing away pine needles on the ground for extra comfortable sleeping. Finally, when lost in the woods, you have a better chance of being found if the instructions that go out say “Look for the guy in the big green dinosaur suit” (survivalist claims are 100% unfounded).

Ready to get comfy? Get your own Dinosaur Kigurumi today!