Scanimation Lamp Lets Kids Gallop into Excitement
The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp is a combination of light and entertainment — like a movie, but with lower tech and higher fun! [Image shared by Amazon]
The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp spins images around the room, offering a combination of light and entertainment. In fact, one can think of it as an illuminated and enlightened scientific experiment that has gone wrong.

What Makes The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp so Magical?

The magic begins with a six-sided lamp that features interchangeable animal panels that allow the user to set up a vast assortment of visual moving pictures. The user of the GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp can arrange these panels to configure any scenario that they choose. With the six-sided lamp and the included nine animal panels, you can easily see the varied possibilities available to stimulate your child’s imagination. The light itself features a low brightness, which makes this GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp the perfect night light.

The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp:

  • is a genuine, 100% original Scanimation Lamp.
  • includes a DC Power adapter for energy efficiency.
  • offers nine fully interchangeable animal panels.
  • is powered by an LED bulb for long-lasting performance with low energy usage.

The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp Can Help Get Those Preschoolers to Bed

The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp would make a great addition to any preschooler’s night stand. Besides the great looks of the lamp, it may actually work as an incentive in getting your little ones to bed. I know that my grandchildren are mesmerized by the magical lighting effect and it holds their attention until the old Sandman arrives to close their eyes.

With the holiday season just around the corner, I am sure that you have friends or family members with children who would love to receive the GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp as a gift. So if you are looking for a novel gift — the perfect gift for anyone you know who has kids — then this is the perfect answer.

But wait. Do not get the impression that this is only for children. This would make a great gift or conversation piece for adults, as well.

Get your very own GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp from Amazon today!