App Controlled Robotic Ball -- The Perfect Pet
The Sphero iOS and Android App Controlled Robotic Ball may not replace Fido, Spot, or Felix, but it’s innovative and fun to play with, nonetheless! [Image shared by Amazon]
The out-of-the-box Sphero iOS and Android App Controlled Robotic Ball is a treat for gadget geeks and sci-fi buffs, alike.

Your Kids or Partner will Love the Robotic Ball

You will have to pry the App Controlled Robotic Ball from your kids’ hands in order to get your turn at controlling this electronic toy. No kids? You could still find yourself fighting with your partner for your chance to play with this gaming device and yes, you will need to pry it from their hands, as well. So what makes this electronic gadget so engaging? Here are the specific product advantages built into the Sphero Robotic Ball:

  • The Sphero Robotic Ball works with either iOS or Android devices.
  • It’s compatible with both smart phones or tablet computers.
  • Bluetooth technology easily makes the connection between the Sphero Robtic Ball and your electronics.
  • The Sphero Robotic Ball has an amazing 50 ft. range with a top speed of 3 ft. every second!
  • The device’s color can be changed to reflect your mood.
  • You get one hour of play time between charges.
  • There are downloadable apps for a variety of game-playing options.
  • The Sphero Robotic Ball’s open API allows users to develop their own applications for it!

Can a Robotic Ball Really Replace a Pet?

To say that the Sphero Robotic Ball could replace a pet cat or dog might be a challenge. However, having a Robotic Ball replace a guppy, a turtle, a tarantula, a lizard, a parakeet, or similar pet is within the realm of possibility. This does not mean that you can’t have some fun letting your cat or small dog chase after the Robotic Ball, but a big dog may chew it into bits — so I would not recommend letting your German Shepherd catch the thing unless you have cash for a replacement unit.

Over all, this is one fine toy. The Sphero Robotic Ball will provide you and your family with many hours of enjoyable game play and will become one of your favorite electronic toys.

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