Bacon Bandages
Bacon Bandages are better for boo-boos than breakfast, in spite of how delicious they may look [Image shared by Elizabeth Runder via Flickr]
Hearkening back to our roots as hunters and gatherers, many humans relish the complex tastes and textures of meat in its multitudinous methods of preparation. And while it’s not uncommon for a friend to wax poetic about the grand style of a fine steak dinner, there’s a more readily available carnivorous treat for those of us who may not have the budget for such extravagance, and its salty deliciousness can be enjoyed from early morning to midday to late night. My friends, have you heard about the latest meat craze that’s sweeping the land?

My people call it bacon.

If you have friends who love this addictively scrumptious porcine foodstuff and also happen to be accident prone, I can think of no finer melding of the palatable and the practical than Bacon Bandages! They make for great birthday presents, stocking stuffers, Halloween costume accoutrements, and first aid kit refills. And if you’re in the right place at the right time, you might even have the chance to affix them to your friends’ eyebrows when they’re fast asleep so they spend the entire next morning clueless as to why they’re getting funny looks from everybody.

Can Bacon Bandages Protect Your Boo-Boos?

We all end up getting cuts, bumps, bruises, dings, and scrapes — the medical term, I believe, is boo-boos. Bacon Bandages will keep the dirt out of your wounds while also protecting you from excess exposure to germs. Additionally, a wound covered in this way is less likely to leave a scar than a wound that’s left open to the brutal elements of our cruel, cruel world.

Bacon Bandages are Fun to Give and Fun to Receive

Each package of Bacon Bandages comes with 15 ready-to-use strips. These bandages look so much like their beloved, meaty namesake that you may be tempted to rip them off your wound and eat them. Of course, this is not recommended — no matter how good the meat-alikes may look.

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