Device Organizer by Grid-It Keeps Your Stuff Safe and Ready
The Grid-It device organizer coordinates your gadgets and keeps everything safe and ready for when — and where — you need it. [Image shared by Amazon]
Who doesn’t have a smartphone, camera, mp3 player, or some other electronic device, gadget, or doodad and all of its cords and other accessories that can prove challenging to keep track of in a pocket, purse, suitcase, or backpack when on the go? You can deal with the problem as most people do: untangle the resulting mess every time you want to use it and hope that your keys or other residents in your pocket, purse, suitcase, or backpack haven’t scratched your device(s) too badly. Or you can deal with the problem the smart way: get a device organizer like the Grid-It by Cocoon and keep everything safe and ready for when — and where — you need it.

The idea is pretty simple, really, and it operates on the same principle as any other toolbox: it keeps everything in its proper place until you decide to put it to use. And when you’re done, you just put it back. In other words, it puts you 100% in control of the situation and makes the devices work for you instead of the other way around! Here are the main features of the Grid-It device organizer:

  • It is made from a high-quality rubberized material.
  • Its woven elastic system organizes your gadgets and accessories and keeps them tightly in place.
  • There’s a zippered pocket for additional storage.
  • The Grid-It measures 8″ by 12″, which makes it big enough to store what you need while also not taking up too much space.

The Grid-It Device Organizer Comes in Many (Well, Four) Colors

As a society, we’re pressured by marketers — as well as our own peers — to be conscious of our tastes and the choices we make based on those tastes. This is why fashion (for instance) is such a big industry. So the good people at Cocoon have given us four different colors from which to choose when we’re deciding which Grid-It device organizer best suits our fancy: red, blue, gray, and basic black.

Aside from being a simple fashion statement, however, different colors could easily be used for coding by someone who regularly carts around different devices for different purposes — such as photographers, podcasters, campers, sound engineers, camera people, and musicians, just to name a few. A family who travels together could also designate a different color for each member to avoid mixups and general confusion on those long vacations across the country in the RV.

Is the Grid-It device organizer something that you see yourself using, or is it a good hint gift for the disorganized person in your life? Either way, you can get your own Grid-It device organizer from here today!