Mustache Pacifier Grants Silence with a Dapper Air
I dare say, old chap, don’t I look quite sporting with this Mustachifier Mustache Pacifier? [Image shared by Amazon]
One is never too young to raise awareness about men’s health issues, especially during the month ahead that’s been designated for just this purpose: Movember. The Mustachifer mustache pacifier is a great start for young lads — and ladies, as well. This mustache pacifier is free of the dangerous toxin, BPA (Bisphenol A), and offers an orthodontics-friendly nipple shape (this is where we need to make sure that we keep our maturity level above that of those who would use this product — a real challenge for some of us, I know). Straight teeth are indicative of a gentleman — or gentlewoman, as the case may be. Babies of either gender should be able to endure the pains of teething in dignified silence, by gum (and gums)!

The Mustachifier Mustache Pacifier Keeps Baby Quiet, Keeps Baby Dapper

The importance of men’s health aside, and the fact that a baby with this mustache pacifier would be ridiculously cute, can we just talk about mustachioed ladies for a moment? There is dignity in being dapper; the key is in the degree. Sure, the circuses of yesteryear were rife with bearded ladies, but where were the mustachioed women of the sideshow? In my own humble opinion, a lady with the same groomed handlebar mustache that appears on this mustache pacifier would be just as worthy of sideshow inclusion!

After all, sometimes less is more, no?

Any parents questioning if the Mustachifier mustache pacifier is right for their precious baby girl should consider this. Women who want a mustache should not be forced to resort to cheesy finger tattoos. Equal opportunity for women’s facial hair options may not be as big of an issue as prostate or testicular cancer, but it should not be ignored. I urge all parents to consider this mustache pacifier as a way to support multiple causes while keeping your precious gentleman or gentlelady quiet and free of nasty BPA. Yes, the Mustachifier does come in other mustache designs, but the gentleman version of the mustache pacifier is clearly the best. Think of your child’s dignity! A dapper baby is a baby who will go far in life.

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