Portal 2 Turret Plush is Warm and Cuddly
Don’t let its deadly looks fool you: the Portal 2 Turret Plush is actually quite warm and cuddly. Get one for you and one for a friend! [Image shared by Amazon]
While the Portal 2 Turret Plush may not pack hundreds of rounds of ammo to keep your abode safe from intruders, it is warm and cuddly enough to fend off any stray nightmares that might dare push their way into your restful time of slumber.

“Sentry mode activated.”

Portal 2 Turret Plush Protects Your Loved Ones

Again, while the Portal 2 Turret Plush doesn’t come with the dual machine guns that shred acquired targets with extreme prejudice like the ones you encounter in the game, this is a kinder, gentler cousin who prefers to kill (or at least disarm) with cuddly kindness. Sure, it may not be the security system that your family needs, but it’s the security system that your family wants.

The Portal 2 Turret Plush comes with the following features for your pleasure:

  • It stands ready for action at a full 14.5″.
  • It talks just like a real sentry turret, with 11 different sayings triggered by motion detection.
  • Motion sensing activates the bright, red light on its front.
  • This is the fully licensed model, so you are getting the genuine article.

“Are you still there?”

Portal 2 Turret Plush Makes For A Great Collectible

For you Valve aficionados who treasure authenticity at its best, the Portal 2 Turret offers value, phrases from the game, and is cute. Being cute will have a huge impact for that special lady when she opens the Portal 2 Turret Plush for the very first time. For that guy who treasures a Portal 2 Turret Plush in his life, this will also make the perfect gift. Once he sees the bright, red light, the motion-detecting abilities, and the authentic look of this plush toy, he will light up, himself.

Don’t forget the kids in your life or that special person you might want to impress. The Portal 2 Turret Plush will make a perfect gift for everyone who values a perfect replica of the now famous Portal 2 Turret. For the geek who has everything, what better electronic toy to add to their collection of geeky products can there be?

You can also drop hints to your family and friends that a Portal 2 Turret might make a great gift for you. Hint, hint!