Teemo Plush Pillow Showcases Champion's Softer Side
The Teemo Plush Pillow can be summed up best in this equation: Deadly + Adorable = Deadly Adorable. [Image shared by Amazon]
Koalas (drop bears), baby tigers, otters (no really), and the League of Legends champion are just a few of things in this world that successfully walk the line between deadly and adorable. This Teemo Plush Pillow uses his panda skin to remind us of just what a pleasant and downright cheerful companion Teemo can be. It’s not hard to imagine bellying up to a bar in Bandle City with this black and white cutie to enjoy a nice mug of honey (or maybe even bamboo?) mead.

Teemo is a yurdle scout with a hair trigger switch that goes from chipper to ripper in zero point zero seconds flat. By far one of the more popular champions in the game, the panda skin on Teemo leaves enemy combatants wondering just where he was hiding that poisonous blowgun. Incidentally, behind this unassuming Teemo Plush Pillow is the perfect place to hide your very own blowgun (poison harvested and cultivated yourself from rare jungle fauna optional, though not recommended for legal reasons).

Teemo Plush Pillow Throws Adorable Deadly Inception on Your Couch!

Let us not forget the panda. This black and white bear of unmatched cuteness is no stranger to viciousness itself. Despite being adored the world over for pretty much being one of the cutest damned things in existence, a panda bear is still a bear and perfectly capable of ripping you to shreds. The panda is another prime example of the adorable deadly phenomenon. Teemo in a panda suit is the kind of adorable, deadly inception that could threaten to turn your couch into a deathly squee cage. Add in a couple of plush mushrooms and you have everything you need to create your own LoL plush puppet theater. Not that I have considered this possibly in my own home! Of course not!

No really, invite your friends over for an old-fashioned LAN party and ambush them with this Teemo Plush Pillow and a few well-placed blowdarts to the neck.