Airzooka Air Gun is a Blast
Whether you’re wrapped in city smog or enjoying the fragrant, dairy air of the country, the Airzooka Air Gun will harness the power of your invisible shroud for wicked fun! [Image shared by Amazon]
More harmless than the infamous, potato-shooting spud gun, the Airzooka Air Gun is a toy that never runs out of ammo (unless you’re stuck underwater, I guess) — because it uses air, which is totally free (for now, at least) and can’t be lost or stolen.

Airzooka Air Gun is Non-Lethal to Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals

When I was a youngster, one of my most prized possessions was the slingshot. The slingshot I owned was the state of the art at the time and could shoot rocks or ball bearings a good 100 feet or more. Obviously, with such great power comes great responsibility; in the wrong hands, a slingshot can actually be a deadly weapon when used against other living things like humans and animals.

The Airzooka Air Gun, on the other hand, does not dispense anything close to being a lethal blast of air. It may ruffle a few hairs on someone’s head or startle a sleeping pet, but it will do no permanent damage.

Here’s what else is great about the Airzooka Air Gun:

  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • No tools are required.
  • You can hold the Airzooka Air Gun in one hand while pulling the elastic launcher with other hand.
  • Its burst of air can shoot up to 20 feet.

The Airzooka Air Gun Will Make You Happy, Happy, Happy

Avid fans of Duck Dynasty know that Phil Robinson (the Duck Commander) likes to say “happy, happy, happy” a lot — so much so that the catchy little phrase has its own merchandise on the market now and it’s probably the most notable quote of the entire television series.

The Airzooka Air Gun will bring a smile to your face when you launch a blast of air at a person, pet, or object, it will likely prompt you to gleefully exclaim “happy, happy, happy” as the blast of air strikes your target.

Additionally, if you’re bored of your toys only being available in one color, the Airzooka Air Gun comes in black with silver accents, green with purple accents, or purple with green accents — your choice!

Get your own Airzooka Air Gun today!