Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises
Prank Pack fake gift boxes conceal your real presents inside and help keep snoopers at bay. [Image shared by Amazon]
What’s a Prank Pack and why would I want to use it against someone I like? Especially someone to whom I’m giving a gift? That’s a very good question, and I’m glad you asked.

The act of gift giving, if done properly, has always involved an element of subterfuge. Even people who are otherwise honest are given a free pass to be a little duplicitous around birthdays and holidays when gifts are exchanged. Think about it. We go out of our way to find out what our loved ones might want in secret so as not to tip them off that good things will be coming to them soon.

We may even go as far as to tell little white lies to press our targets for information without letting them know why we’re gathering such information. Then we sneak around to find, secure, and hide these appropriate gifts away from prying eyes so that we can wrap them up in pretty paper and present them when the time is right; ideally, the person opening the gifts will be pleasantly surprised and completely blown away by our mind-reading prowess.

The idea behind fake gift boxes is to add another layer to this gift giving subterfuge. The Prank Pack makes it look like your gift recipient is getting some kind of ridiculous product when their real gift is hiding safely inside. Observe:

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

The Prank Pack Itself Makes a Perfect Gift

The beauty of the Prank Pack is that the outside of the box will absolutely baffle the gift recipient and keep them laughing once they discover that a real gift is inside. There are many varieties of fake gift boxes, but let’s take a closer look at the one allegedly containing something called the Family Blankeez — the blanket that covers up to eight people!

A completely realistic product description (accompanied by photos of the fully faux Family Blankeez in action) graces the back of the box and tells us:

Blankeez is the enormous, ultra-soft blanket that covers up to eight adults or 16 children! With one sleeve at each end, two users can run a remote, feed snacks to others, or hold a leash while walking the dog on the boardwalk! Best of all, the Blankeez promotes teamwork and a sense of togetherness! Get together with a Blankeez!

  • 216″ x 72″
  • Ultra-Soft Fleece
  • One Size Fits Eight Adults
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • One Armhole on Each End

While the recipient may be initially relieved that they’re not, in fact, getting the Family Blankeez, they’ll probably hold on to the fake gift box as a memento of this humorous occasion… at least until they can pass it along to the next sucker!

This is either a great way to decoy real gifts from snoops or turn the tables on the prankster who always seems to be pulling gags on other unsuspecting victims. In other words, this is your chance to get even!

Buy your Prank Pack Family Blankeez today and let the pranks begin!

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

Don’t think the Prank Pack Family Blankeez are right for throwing off your mark? You’ve got plenty of alternative — and perhaps even more hilarious — Prank Pack options here:

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises