Story War Base Set Will Make You A Better Liar
Playing the Story War game will improve your skills as a world-renowned liar — or storyteller. Whichever semantics you choose to employ! [Image shared by Amazon]
Playing the Story War card game will hone your storytelling skills to become a world-renowned liar. Of course, it is all for fun and entertainment, so there is no need to worry that your lying will become too much of a bad habit.

Story War Will Make You and Your Guests Laugh

Our children and grandchildren have become totally consumed with either using their cell phones or gaming tablets as sources of entertainment. There is little interaction between these youth, with most conversation revolving around who got the highest score in whatever game they are all playing. The Story War Base Set will put all the nonsense aside and bring your family and friends all together for an evening of fun.

  • Story War is an innovative card game that pits you against your family and/or friends.
  • Players control classic storybook characters like Puss-in-Boots and Medusa and team up to battle other players.
  • Honing your storytelling skills will make you an instant champion.
  • Making up stuff is highly encouraged.
  • Story War is for three to eight players.
  • The game only takes 30 minutes to an hour to play.
  • Good for ages 8+.

Storytelling and Creativity Highly Encouraged

The best part of this game is that you and the other players can use your creative juices and storytelling skills to outwit the opposition. Another plus is that this game is not for adults only. Any child eight years and up can join the fun and excitement, and the game will bring a new meaning to family time. Best of all, it doesn’t have to take up a whole evening; Story War can be played in 30 minutes to an hour.

Get your own Story War Base Set today! You won’t be disappointed.