Star Wars Darth Vader Table Piece Commemorates Failure of Hoth Invasion
A moping Sith Lord crafts a Death Star snowball from the surface of Hoth’s barren icescape in this Darth Vader Table Piece. In spite of the Empire striking back, it still turned out to be the winter of his discontent. [Image shared by Amazon]
Anyone who has seen The Empire Strikes Back knows that the invasion of Hoth, though a military victory for the Empire, failed in its goal to crush the rebellion. The Kurt Adler Star Wars Darth Vader Table Piece is an astonishingly well-crafted fabric mache representation of doubly-dealt spankings to the Imperial cause. The figure shows Vader crafting a Death Star snowball out of what must be the barren wastes of Hoth, wistfully daydreaming about what might have been…

After having his beloved Death Star brought down by a thermal exhaust port vulnerability, Vader was then poised to regain his pride by crushing the rebellion in its hidden rebel base on the ice planet Hoth. We all know the story and we all know how it turned out, but do any of us really know what Vader did immediately after? I have recently recovered (read: fabricated) a torn page from the diary of none other than the Emperor’s apprentice himself, which appears to have been written a few days after the Hoth invasion. This appears to have been the inspiration for the Darth Vader Table Piece.

Darth Vader Table Piece is a Peek into the Mind of a Tortured Artist

Day Five: This is the worst of the times, just the worst of times. The Dark Side within me has found a new spring of rage in this winter of my discontent. This damned planet, white in all directions, reflects back at me my failures. So close to soothing my soul with the annihilation of the rebel scum, once again incompetence in my lower ranks has made me out a fool. I have only found comfort in constructing an icy effigy of my beloved Death Star. The snow covering this planet is the perfect medium for sculpture. Perhaps I can construct a sort of snow-comprised man and use the Dark Side to give it life. Maybe it would have better aim than these insipid clones. For now these dreams must stay secret.

It seems as though Vader was a bit of a secret artist. He also appears to have been a not-so-secret whiner. This Kurt Alder Star Wars Darth Vader Table Piece is the perfect winter decoration for any Star Wars fan. Be a rebel and put it on your mantel or even the kitchen counter this holiday season. Come to think of it, doesn’t Palpatine look a bit like the Grinch? Just sayin’.

Star Wars and Christmas go together like Hoth and Snowmen; get your own Darth Vader Table Piece to put on your mantel like a rebel today!