USB Pet Rock Will Rock You
This new and improved USB Pet Rock model uses the USB port of your computer. [Image shared by Amazon]
The USB Pet Rock makes the pet rocks of the ’70s, well… just plain rocks. This new and improved model uses the USB port of your computer to educate and dazzle those who view it.

A USB Pet Rock Will Enhance Your Story Telling Abilities

Let’s face facts. This USB Pet Rock does absolutely nothing. But doing nothing is exactly what makes the USB Pet Rock so awesome! Here is what a USB Pet Rock doesn’t do or need:

  • You never will have to feed it.
  • You will never have to give it water.
  • You will never have to take it outside to do its duty.
  • It is 100% trained right out of the box to do nothing.
  • 100% green and uses no electrical power.
  • 100% compatible with all operating systems.
  • It will never get sick.
  • You will never have to take it to a vet.
  • It will never bark, meow or cry.

It is your job to come up with a believable story about how you adopted your USB Pet Rock and exactly what it does and doesn’t do.

What Else Do You Get with Your USB Pet Rock?

First of all, you get yourself an official pet carrier for your USB Pet Rock. The USB cord can also be used as a leash if you need to take your pet rock for a walk. Oh, wait. Your pet rock doesn’t need a walk nor other silliness associated with other pets you have had. The instruction manual that comes with your USB Pet Rock will cover everything needed to properly care for your pet rock. Read the manual carefully before going it on your own.

I believe the most important thing you will need to do is to give your USB Pet Rock a name. After all, don’t all of your other pets have names?

This would make a great holiday gift, so get your USB Pet Rock today!