Bucket of Bacon Game Builds Upon Where Breakfast Began
The Bucket of Bacon Game is for everyone who loves bacon… and/or games. [Image shared by Amazon]
What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Some would say that a bucket of bacon fits the bill nicely. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Bucket of Bacon Game is similar in playstyle to the classic Barrel of Monkeys, except that instead of setting up a string of simians with interlinking limbs, you’re begetting a belt of bacon.

I’d say that the Bucket of Bacon Game is for everyone who loves bacon or games. Even if you are a vegetarian, not a huge fan of bacon, or someone who avoids the tasty, piggy morsels for health reasons, you can still have fun playing the game.

When Not Eating Bacon, Why Not Play the Bucket of Bacon Game?

Let’s be honest with each other. In spite of what Chris Pirillo tells us, you cannot eat bacon 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I am sure your doctor will tell you that the grease and fat found in bacon is not good for your health, can increase your cholesterol levels, and have dire consequences for your body. So if you want to give your system a break from bacon while still showing your support for the popular breakfast and anytime treat, playing the Bucket of Bacon game with your friends and family is a nice way to balance things out a bit. Here are some things that you should know about the Bucket of Bacon game:

  • Bucket of Bacon consists of 12 pieces of plastic bacon that are designed to hook together.
  • The game’s style is similar to the classic Barrel of Monkeys — except that you’re playing with simulated dead bacon instead of simulated live monkeys.
  • Ages 6 and up can play.
  • This is a great game for gatherings of friends and family.

Hang the Bacon High in the Air

Each piece of plastic bacon has hooks on each end that you use to link to other pieces of bacon. A steady hand and nerves of steel are required to link as many pieces of bacon as possible before the whole thing falls apart (thanks, gravity).

Though this may sound easy, it isn’t. You’ll likely find it a challenge at first until you get the hang of it. And even still, no matter how many times you practice before your relatives come over for Thanksgiving, your cousin Lenny (on the path to pre-med and a surgeon’s life, no doubt) may still be able to best you.

Anyway, practice may not make perfect, but it should make better!

The Bucket of Bacon Game would make a fine holiday pastime for you and your family or friends — or a nice gift for the bacon fanatics among them.

Get your own Bucket of Bacon Game as a gift to yourself or others!