SpokeLit Bike Lights Put Safety and Style First
SpokeLit Bike Lights by Nite Ize will keep you safe and stylish when you’re on the road at night. [Image shared by Amazon]
SpokeLit Bike Lights by Nite Ize (pronounced “night eyes” — get it?) are simple but effective little lights that affix firmly to the spokes of your bicycle so that you’re clearly visible to fellow travelers when you’re on the road in the dark.

But aside from offering a safe set of lights to guide your midnight rides, SpokeLit Bike Lights will get you high-fives from the neighborhood kids (who should probably be in bed instead of playing in the street after the sun’s gone down, but we don’t judge). Why? Because they’re cool, daddy-o. Way cool.

SpokeLit Bike Lights for Safety and Style

And while it’s sometimes possible to be too cool (if you’re reading this in a coffee shop, you’ve probably got a hipster in your periphery right now to visibly prove this point), there’s no such thing as being too safe. Adding SpokeLit Bike Lights to your bike is just plain, old-fashioned common sense. When the clocks turned back one hour a few weeks ago, we suddenly became aware of how short a day could seemingly become with sunset arriving a whole hour sooner.

The loss of daylight is especially noticeable for those of us who commute. When darkness falls before the workday is done, we need light to see and be seen by others on that long trek home. This is a given for those among us who drive cars, but bike riders not properly visible to other commuters are especially endangered. No helmet design in the world is going to keep a cyclist safe from being mowed down by an SUV when its driver simply can’t see them on the road. SpokeLit Bike Lights go over the top in alerting others to a bike rider’s presence — as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A few lights to keep from putting my helmet to the ultimate test? I’ll take it.

Here are some fine features of SpokeLit Bike Lights that make them worth a look to any bicyclist:

  • The lights are easy to attach to your spokes without any need for tools.
  • The LED powered lights are eye-catching and increase your visibility during nighttime hours.
  • The LED lights will last up to 20 hours in glow mode and over 25 hours when set to flashing mode.
  • They’re shock resistant and weatherproof.
  • SpokeLit Bike Lights come in your choice of red, blue, green, amber, and disc-o. (Oh!)

Buy SpokeLit Bike Lights for You, Your Kids, and Grandkids

Need a noble mission for the holidays? Make everyone in your family a safe — and cool — bicycle rider. Imagine your entire family lighting up the road at night on a ride together. It’d be like a traveling Christmas show!

Get your own SpokeLit Bike Lights and stuff those stockings with stylish safety!