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When I’m at home, I’m usually not in any given room for very long. There are things that need to be done throughout the house on any given day, but my mobile phone is typically on me at all times. That’s how I stay in touch with the world (and, sometimes, with my wife — when she’s on the other side of the house and it’s a bit more courteous to send her a text message than it is to yell).

We don’t have a “home phone” anymore, either. The only time it would ever get used is when an unsolicited caller was trying to sell us something we didn’t ask for. What was the point of paying more for something every month that went largely unused? While we certainly saved money in suspending that service, I did miss the convenience of having those voice communication devices scattered about the house in strategic locations.

Ya know, just in case I set my mobile phone down somewhere and couldn’t find it when someone was trying to call me (like my wife, who may very well be trying to tell me that dinner’s ready — and that’s a call I never want to miss).

Enter the CLP99383, a connect-to-cell phone system that’s reminiscent of bygone days of having multiple phones in a home tied to the same line. Only with this, you don’t need to sign up for additional service — simply connect your mobile phone to the array by way of Bluetooth and you’re off to the races.

The CLP99383 is a connect-to-cell phone system.

Yes, you read that correctly: your mobile phone can now “power” (so to speak) a home phone system that you likely abandoned years ago like we did in our home.

The benefit? Imagine your phone is running low on juice, itself (not a strange scenario for those of us who happen to use our phones for “everything” throughout the day). You have to tether it to some kind of charger or external battery, possibly — but what if you’d just rather leave ‘er plugged in on the nightstand? What, then, if someone calls you and you don’t want to rush to grab the phone before they hang up or leave a voicemail (that you’ll never bother to listen to)?

The CLP99383 is a connect-to-cell phone system.

Oh, and… you can pair up to four other mobile phones/numbers. That way, your wife (or husband or dog or whoever-has-another-mobile-phone) can use the system as readily as you. If you have an Android phone, mobile notifications can be shown on each handset as well. The built-in USB dock will also keep you from needing to string yet another unsightly cable across the desk, too.

The CLP99383 is a connect-to-cell phone system.

So, there you have it; you don’t need to sign up for home phone service again to have the major convenience of handsets to help keep you and your family better connected when you’re not physically tethered to your smartphone.

The CLP99383 is available at AT&T if you wanted to get going with one (though you can use any mobile phone service through it). Maybe you like the idea? Tell VTech Communications, since it’s active on both Facebook and Twitter.

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