My Butterfly Collection: Animated Butterfly in a Jar
My Butterfly Collection is an animated menagerie of battery-operated, electric butterflies that may just inspire you to fly. [Image shared by Amazon]
My Butterfly Collection is an animated menagerie of battery-operated, electric butterflies that would make Blade Runner Rick Deckard feel at home in his replicant-rich future dystopia of extinct species and nostalgic humanoids of android and analog origin. While the aforementioned androids may or may not dream of electric sheep, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t be inspired by the lifelike motions of an animated butterfly in a jar.

If you know why the caged bird sings, then you’ll know why the jarred butterfly tries to fly away. Getting a representative (or several) of the My Butterfly Collection is a far more humane way to enjoy the phenomenon than actually capturing a live butterfly — and it lasts longer!

My Butterfly Collection is Better Than Your Butterfly Collection

More than just a toy, My Butterfly Collection is art and conversation piece (or pieces), as well. Here are just some of its amazing features:

  • A simple, but realistic design makes the animated butterfly in the jar seem like the real McCoy.
  • You only need to tap the jar to start the butterfly fluttering around (keep in mind that it’s rude to do this to real butterflies or other life forms similarly confined).
  • The animated butterfly will flap around the jar for approximately 90 seconds.
  • Once its journey is completed, the butterfly will shut off automatically (keeping its power needs in check).
  • Surprise: the 3 AAA batteries needed to operate the animated butterfly are actually included!

Get the Entire My Butterfly Collection Now

My Butterfly Collection not only includes the Blue Morpho as shown above, but also the Yellow Swallowtail, the iconic Monarch, and the Pink Morpho. Each of these unique animated butterflies function in the same way. Activation is simple and only requires you to tap on the jar to start the animation. One tap on the top of the jar will wake the butterfly up. Two taps will start the butterfly fluttering. A third tap will make the butterfly float around inside of the jar.

Gather the whole My Butterfly Collection or choose your favorite animated butterfly from the bunch — for yourself or a lucky holiday gift recipient — today!