Laser Maze Logic Game Includes a Real Laser
The Laser Maze Logic Game actually comes with a real laser for your gaming enjoyment. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Laser Maze Logic Game actually comes with a real laser for your gaming enjoyment. This is a fact, Jack, and no weenies need apply.

Why the Laser Maze Logic Game Will Help Develop Your Reasoning Powers

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated with angles and their relationship with the world of reasoning. So when I first saw the Laser Maze Logic Game, my interest was immediately piqued. You see, I am a master at using lasers. Yes, people, I own a laser leveler and have become most proficient at leveling pictures in our new home.

With the Laser Maze Logic Game, you get to dabble in science as you direct and redirect mirrors and objects to reflect the laser beam in 60 challenges. These challenges range from novice to expert categories and will challenge anyone who plays the game.

Features of the Laser Maze Logic Game:

  • It includes a real laser!
  • It improves your reasoning and planning abilities.
  • Its puzzles include some 60 challenges.
  • It’s got beginner and expert modes, so there is something for all skill levels.
  • It’s for ages eight and up.
  • The game includes a board with a card holder.

Get Your Brain in High Gear

It sounds fairly simple to get a laser through a maze and to complete a challenge. The novice challenges may be too easy for most adults, but they may be perfect for younger children. Those of you with a superior intelligence may wish to skip the easy puzzles and head immediately to the advanced challenges. Placing the included mirror, beam-splitters, cell block, targets, and checkpoint will tease your brain. Have no fear of failure since a complete set of instructions are included.

The Laser Maze Logic Game will make an awesome holiday gift and provide hours of entertainment for your logical friends, family, or coworkers.