Plush Unicorn Slippers Will Make You Feel Like a Grownup
A pair of Plush Unicorn Slippers will make anyone feel like a grownup — a magical grownup! [Image shared by Amazon]
Few mythical creatures have persisted in the imagination of mankind as mightily as the majestic unicorn. Rumored to be a creature of purity who only deigns to share in the company of virgins, perhaps there’s good reason why we don’t see unicorns around much these days…

Worry not, pure and not-so-pure unicorn lovers, because Plush Unicorn Slippers will lovingly warm the feet of anyone who finds them under the tree on Christmas or at the foot of the bed on a chilly winter morning — they don’t judge. These slippers come in a pair — just like the two unicorns who missed the boat when Noah set sail for the mountaintops. They learned to swim and became narwhals (of course), but the Plush Unicorn Slippers prefer to stay dry, cozy, and warm on a couple of happy feet far away from inclement weather of any kind.

And don’t they put a smile on your face just looking at ’em?

Plush Unicorn Slippers — One Size Fits All

One of the problems faced when trying to purchase any type of footwear for someone else is guessing their shoe (or, in this case, slipper) size. With the Plush Unicorn Slippers, those worries are put aside since these bad boys will fit just about anyone. Of course, when it is said that one size fits all, we’re talking about adult feet. Kids’ll probably have to wear a couple of pairs of socks to keep them attached, but that just adds to the coziness factor.

Here are just some of the features found with the Plush Unicorn Slippers:

  • Golden horns and embroidered detail are standard.
  • Slip-on design makes it easy to get these slippers on and off.
  • The slippers are made of genuine 100% polyester.
  • Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • They fit up to men’s size 12.
  • With a little love and TLC, these slippers could bring magic to your tootsies for a long time to come.

Plush Unicorn Slippers Are the Gift of Comfort

With those chilly mornings just around the corner (or already here for many of us), think of these Plush Unicorn Slippers as foot warmers and not just a pair of slippers. In search of a perfect gift that’ll last through the long winter ahead? When your loved one gets their first cup of coffee in the morning, they’ll look down and fondly think of you.

Get your own pair of Plush Unicorn Slippers in time for gift-giving!