iBath Shower Curtain
The iBath Shower Curtain will app-solutely cover you, but please remember: your iPhone doesn’t like the water! [Image shared by Amazon]
Do you ever wonder if the late Steve Jobs showered with a shower curtain full of apps like this iBath Shower Curtain? In all truth, he probably didn’t — but you can!

This 70″ wide by 72″ long shower curtain is covered with icons of the kind of apps that might be associated with showering and general restroom/bathroom usage — depending on where in the world you come from. The iBath Shower Curtain makes a great, quirky, colorful addition to any shower. The shower curtain is equipped with metal ring reinforcements to keep the material from tearing as well as the metal rings to attach it to the shower rail, itself. The curtain comes in black for that retro iPhone 3GS look, or white, to fit in with most shower or bathroom areas.

When it Comes to Quality, the iBath Shower Curtain is No Phone-y

This shower curtain is the app-solute essential for any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch fanboy or fangirl in your life. It’s certainly not a phone-y, but just remember that this curtain does not have any multi-touch sensitivity and won’t shave you even if you touch the corresponding icon. This shower curtain also does not have Siri built in, though that would admittedly be a pretty awesome feature.

Ding! “Siri, could you get my back?”

I will take the time to remind you that although this shower curtain is app-based, you should not take your iPhone into the shower with you — or it might be a bit of a shocking experience. I would also suggest that you take the time to hang and use this shower curtain immediately upon receipt; leaving this curtain lying around could prompt the child of the house to make it into a cape.

And so, the latest superhero is born: App-Man or App-Girl!

Be safe, citizen, and be clean! Get your own iBath Shower Curtain today!