LG Proves That Going Viral Can Be Scary
When video technology becomes so lifelike that it’s hard to discern reality from a prank setup, how soon until karma pays back the pranksters? LG finds out.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of LG, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

The popularity of hidden camera prank shows has waxed, waned, and waxed again since Allen Funt’s famous Candid Camera series that began back in the ’40s. Since then, we’ve been Punk’d, X’ed, scared, booyakasha’d, and subjected to many more ways of saying “gotcha!” With technology being what it is today, we’re bound to see these pranks being played on innocent bystanders with even greater efficacy — as witnessed in LG’s latest So Real It’s Scary campaign. By using the shockingly lifelike display quality of its current range of monitors, LG has succeeded in introducing… unexpected elements to otherwise mundane settings and then spying on how people react to the resulting scenarios.

LG: So Real It’s Scary

Here’s one in which the floor of an elevator is switched out for an LG IPS monitor. Watch what happens when unsuspecting passengers get the rides of their lives!

How would you have reacted to a ride like this?

Have you ever been pranked? I’ve always felt that the best pranks are the ones that don’t actually hurt, demoralize, or humiliate anyone. The best pranks serve to change someone’s perception of the world — perhaps for just a brief moment — and cause them to reflect on their reaction to an imagined reality even after the truth has been revealed. As flies on the wall thanks to hidden camera technology, we view these reactions of people being pranked, and we laugh, but we also — knowingly or not — put ourselves in the shoes of those being pranked and wonder how we’d fare in the same circumstances.

So Real It’s Scary II: Stage Fright

In this next prank, LG places LG IPS 21:9 Ultrawide monitors in place of where usual print ads would go in the space above urinals in a men’s room. The premise is to test the phenomenon of “stage fright,” where many men find it difficult to go when they perceive that they’re being watched.

Maybe the same holds true for ladies, but LG left you out of this particular social experiment. Consider yourself lucky!

If you’ve been paying attention to social media, you’ve probably already seen one or both of the above videos, because they were designed with the goal of going viral in mind. While this time of year may carry other meanings for the term going viral (achoo!), we’re simply referring to the idea that truly good, funny, and downright weird videos and memes get shared like gangbusters on the Internet thanks to the popularity of social media. But simply creating an entertaining marketing campaign isn’t guaranteed to make it go viral — it actually takes a lot of hard work.

So Real It’s Viral

As you can see here, this hard work doesn’t always play out as intended. Sometimes the pranksters get pranked by circumstances beyond their control. As the flies on the wall again, we, the at-home viewers, get to enjoy the resulting pandemonium, regardless. Check it out:

Is it karma, or just another viral video on the rise? Only LG knows for sure…

But at least we’ve finally discovered who let the dogs out, so stop asking!