Prop Sarlacc May Be One of the Best Star Wars Gifts In The Galaxy
Apparently props, like some actors, look smaller in person. Take this piece of the original prop Sarlacc, for instance, which makes for an incredible Star Wars gift.[Image shared by Amazon]
Ah, Star Wars, again and again you capture my imagination and vie for top spot on my fandom shelf. A Star Wars gift come holiday season is nearly always a winner with me. Even this piece of the original prop Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi, which has bittersweet connotations for me, would probably make me pee with delight.

I remember waiting in line when I was in high school to see the re-releases of the original trilogy in theaters (this makes me either young or old depending upon your point of view and when, during the course of your obsession, Clone Wars — the cartoon — became a thing). Though the CGI Jabba from this version of Star Wars destroyed my dreams for a while, I had seen the original version of Return of the Jedi in the theater as a small child and so the first appearance of this particular Hutt, for me, will always be the big Muppet incarnation.

Aside from the Ewoks (I was young, give me a break), I have the most vivid memories of the Sarlacc. This part is important, because Jedi is also the film where I was left to assume that my favorite character ever, Boba Fett, died in the eternally painful belly of the Sarlacc. Jabba and the Sarlacc obviously conjure up some pretty intense emotions for me. Still, though, I kind of need this authenticated piece of the original prop Sarlacc.

Authentic Piece of Prop Sarlacc Digests All Other Star Wars Gift Ideas into a Stew of Failure

As far as Star Wars gifts go, this piece of the prop Sarlacc from the original release of Return of the Jedi is pretty much a fallen star. Yes, this is a piece of the actual prop Sarlacc used in the movie. Somewhere on screen is this exact piece of movie history. Before any of the controversy caused by midi-chlorians, Jar-Jar Binks, or an Anakin Skywalker shouting “yippee,” Return of the Jedi was the last we thought we’d see of the Star Wars Galaxy on the big screen — and this piece of the prop Sarlacc was there making cinematic magic.

It even has the original certificates of authenticity to prove it. Included is a George Lucas-signed photo that you can either treasure or destroy, depending on how you feel about the state of the franchise (I wont judge either way). Really though, this amounts to gifting a genuine article, a little piece of something that, for better or worse, deeply touches the lives of so many people. You can pretty much consider yourself the chosen one of Star Wars gift giving if you can manage to get this under someone’s tree this holiday season.

I find your lack of clicking disturbing. Head to Amazon and see how cool this piece of the prop Sarlacc is for yourself.