Pop Quiz Clock Takes Math Back to the Blackboard
Do you want a brain teaser every hour? This Pop Quiz Clock may be just the thing to keep your gray matter in tip-top shape! [Image shared by Amazon]
Do you want to feel a little bit smarter every hour? Well, I can’t promise that you will with this Pop Quiz Clock from DCI, but I can promise that you will look smart in front of friends and family members who don’t have a geeky time pendant like this in their house.

The Pop Quiz Clock has a 11.5″ diameter face, is made of metal, and has been powder-coated in a matte black finish reminiscent of the school blackboard most of us grew up with — very stylish. I doubt that school would have been as boring if the clocks had looked like this, and maybe we might have learned something in mathematics class. I should point out that this clock won’t drain your battery budget as it’s powered by a singular AA battery.

The Pop Quiz Clock is as Easy as Pi

The reviews for the Pop Quiz Clock seem to mostly be arguing, in the one star region, about the fact that the equation for 9 o’clock is using 3.14 as the approximation to represent pi. I really doubt that the makers of this clock, DCI, want to take up the whole clock face with 3.1415… as a true representation of pi. The geeky amongst you may find that the answer is 9.004777… but does this have any bearing on whether or not the Pop Quiz Clock does a good job?

The answer is no. The whole point of this clock is to tell the time, and give you a little bit of a brain teaser while it’s at it. It’s not designed to be perfectly accurate with the equations and simple mathematical problems. The spirit of this timepiece is to be simple. Therefore, you have my permission to slap anyone who thinks that it’s smart/clever to point out that 9 o’clock is an approximation using the line “Where they placed the 9 o’clock equation is also an approximation.”

In all seriousness, this is a great clock that would look great in any home.

Take some time out to grab a Pop Quiz Clock for yourself or a geeky friend!