Doctor Who Watch is Not a Vortex Manipulator
This Doctor Who Watch is not a Vortex Manipulator, but it will help you keep time relative to the dimension in space where you might you find yourself. [Image shared by Amazon]
This Doctor Who Watch is not a Vortex Manipulator, but it will keep time perfectly. As each minute passes, you can watch as the Doctor’s TARDIS passes by.

The Doctor Who Watch is the Perfect Gift for the Die-Hard Doctor Who Fan

For 50 years (the first episode aired in November of 1963 just the day after JFK was assassinated), the BBC’s Doctor Who television program has attracted millions of die-hard fans from around the world.

The show focuses on the adventures of a mysterious, renegade Time Lord — known only as The Doctor — from the planet Gallifrey who travels all of time and space in a beaten up old time machine known as the TARDIS (which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space).

The show’s longevity is possible in no small part to The Doctor’s Time Lord ability to regenerate in times of great physical crisis rather than simply die, which conveniently allows another actor to step in and take over the title role.

But consistent to The Doctor’s adventures is the fact that his TARDIS, once able to blend into the surroundings where it found itself, is stuck in the shape of a British Police Box from the ’60s due to a technical difficulty with its chameleon circuit.

This Doctor Who Watch features The Doctor’s very own TARDIS as it spins through the space-time continuum in its travels to give you the proper time of day.

Here Is What You Get

The Doctor Who watch features the following:

  • A prominent TARDIS on the watch face.
  • The TARDIS spins as each minute clicks by.
  • Its quartz movement guarantees accuracy for the tardiest of TARDIS travelers.

The style of this timepiece is classic and — sincerely, no pun intended — timeless. No matter how many years you own this watch, you will always be in style. Whether you wear the Doctor Who Watch for fun or with formal attire, you will be distinctive without being inappropriate; you’ll belong anywhere and everywhere — sort of like The Doctor’s TARDIS, itself.

What makes this watch also unique is its large face, which allows you to view every detail with clarity. Did I mention the other cool feature that will blow your mind? The background has been described by some as simply — in the parlance of 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston — “fantastic.”

Ready to get on board for the wildest ride of your life? Get your own Doctor Who Watch today!