ScienceWiz Cool Circuits Is A Board Game For Fun
Games Magazine’s pick for Game of the Year in 2013, ScienceWiz Cool Circuits, is engrossing and educational for all ages. 40 puzzles included! [Image shared by Amazon]
The best board games and puzzles can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and Games Magazine’s pick for Game of the Year in 2013 fits the bill quite nicely. ScienceWiz Cool Circuits challenges users to work together and complete the flow of energy along the missing parts of a given path; success is indicated by the cheerful glow of a tiny light bulb. Well done!

ScienceWiz Cool Circuits Entertains the Whole Household

Phones and tablets have consumed the way many of us get our entertainment, because they’re always on us, no matter where we travel. It’s not unusual for children growing up with this level of convenience to spend countless hours sitting in their rooms, playing games by themselves. Sadly, they may never know the joy of sitting around the table with the family, playing board games, or cards, or solving puzzles — unless you take the initiative and show them how much fun they’re missing. ScienceWiz Cool Circuits is the perfect game for introducing this concept. It involves electronics, yes, but on a whole different level.

ScienceWiz Cool Circuits Improves Your Quality of Life

All of us are suffering from what I call isolation fatigue. We sit by ourselves, consumed by our electronic devices of all types, ignoring anyone around us. Questions asked by an actual human being — sharing the same room and breathing the same air — may be scant distraction from the latest text message, email, or game afoot on the screen before us. When the people we love become nuisances because they’re taking us away from our technology, it may be time to step back and take a break for a while. Do something different. Have fun with the family.

Rediscovering the old world of board games is a good way to bring us all together, and ScienceWiz Cool Circuits is just the thing to help.

First, there is the establishment of communication between all who play the game. Next there is what is called fun, which includes laughter. How many times have you seen someone playing a game on their phone or tablet actually laugh out loud? Next, we have the bonding experience as each person, young and old, actually shares a piece of themselves with others.

ScienceWiz Cool Circuits features:

  • A large assortment of puzzle sets that challenge the mind.
  • Each puzzle is pleasing to the eye.
  • Includes 40 puzzles of varied difficulties.
  • The game board lights up and uses 3D fluorescent pieces.
  • The game can be enjoyed by all ages.

Get your own ScienceWiz Cool Circuits today and bring back family fun to your home!