Seek and Annoy with the Simply Sinister EvilTron
EvilTron isn’t here to win any popularity contests. EvilTron is here to make friends and coworkers wish they’d never crossed paths with its maniacal owner (in this case, you). [Image shared by Amazon]
While its name may ring with the ominousness of a forgotten Decepticon, the EvilTron is possibly even more sinister and capable of wreaking actual havoc on the unawares of planet Earth. Why? Well, for one very important reason: the EvilTron is real.

A tiny device with a mighty mission, the function of the EvilTron is quite simple: wait for the arrival of the intended target, avoid detection, and annoy the living bejeezus out of said target until eventual discovery or power runs out — whichever comes first. (Here’s where it might be prudent to mention that it’ll take about a month of constant use to wear down the EvilTron’s included watch battery completely.)

How the EvilTron Does Its Dastardly Deeds

About the size of a standard US quarter, the EvilTron is a tiny device that’s small enough to hide just about anywhere, and an attached magnet will help you affix it to a desired, out-of-the-way location. Place it in someone’s car, behind a filing cabinet in an office, or in a hidden nook within the trusted sanctity of your mark’s home. The EvilTron emits your choice of five unsettling sounds, and there’s a selector mode that allows the sounds to play randomly. Here’s what you’ll hear from the devilish EvilTron:

  • A vague scratching sound.
  • A dying person’s last gasp.
  • A creepy child’s sinister laughter.
  • Creeeeeaking!
  • The whispered words: “Hey, can you hear me?”

The Better You Hide the EvilTron, the More Evil It Becomes

One of the secrets to obtaining the most enjoyment from your EvilTron is becoming an expert at keeping it out of premature discovery’s way. If you were adept at the game of hide and seek in third grade, this should be cake — such skills learned then are like riding a bike: you never forget.

Ready to unleash the powers of the dreaded EvilTron? Get your own and let the fun begin!