LG SoundPlate Slimly Serves Solid Sound
The LG SoundPlate serves up solid sound without taking up half of your living room. [Image shared by LG]
This is a sponsored post on behalf of LG, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Remember when having a sound system worthy of your favorite movies and albums would take all day (or maybe days) to set up perfectly, hogged tons of precious real estate — oh, and could cost thousands of dollars?

I suppose that’s an option that’s still available, but the new LG SoundPlate is trying to give you a better option. Here are just a few reasons, off the top of my head, why you might give this powerful little sound bar that conveniently sits beneath the base of your television set a second look.

Your TV’s speakers probably aren’t that great on their own.

When television broadcasting was in its infancy, television sets were kind of like really big radios with miniscule screens tacked on as almost an afterthought. While the sound could be full if reception was decent, the tiny black and white images that emerged from those first screens would make the most pixelated videos on YouTube today look like IMAX productions in comparison. But people had been used to radio as their primary form of electronic entertainment at this point, so imagining what those oscillating waves of static were supposed to be was probably a lot easier then than now.

With considerable technological advances between then and now, we’ve seen television screens get bigger and flatter to dominate living rooms and sports bars around the world while the audio components found in these same televisions have gotten smaller and weaker. Why? It’s just evolution in action, really. It’s usually assumed by manufacturers these days that people who buy televisions with giant screens are going to hook them up to fancy, external sound systems of their own, anyway. As a result, there’s no point in inflating the price point of a television with stellar native sound when manufacturing costs are better spent on what matters most to the consumer: the size and quality of the screen’s image.

The LG SoundPlate aims to correct this omission without sending a family’s media entertainment budget into a financial free fall.

Why not use the space beneath your TV for extra audio oomph?

While still not as space-hogging as full-blown audio systems, even some sound bars take up a good bit of room. What the LG SoundPlate brings to the table is a minimally invasive, slimmed-down sound bar that supports televisions from 32″ up to 55″ without taking up much more room than the set would, anyway.

Where else do you have room for two subwoofers?

When assembling a “real” stereo system, subwoofers are crucial for bringing out those sternum-vibrating lows that would make your seat wobble in the theater. But the cost of pumping up the bass is usually one of the most space-consuming parts of any sound system — unless you’re using the LG SoundPlate, which is completely self-contained with not one, but two subwoofers in its tiny, tiny frame.

Bluetooth-enabled. Hey, who doesn’t like wireless stuff?

Not content to merely make your television sound awesome, the LG SoundPlate can also be used with your Bluetooth-enabled devices (like smartphones, tablets, etc.) to play music from that extensive digital audio collection you’ve been building up since the ’90s.

Here are the specs that the LG SoundPlate can proudly boast:

  • 27.56″ x 1.38″ x 12.6″
  • 35mm Ultra Slim SoundPlate matches TVs from 32″ up to 55″
  • 120 Watts
  • 4.1 Channel Surround
  • Integrated Dual Subwoofer
  • Sound Sync
  • Connects Wirelessly or by Cable
  • Bluetooth Capable (Play Music from Compatible Devices)
  • Dual Neodymium Speaker
  • Cinema Mode
  • Supported Sound Formats: LPCM, DTS, MP3, WMA, Dolby Digital, 3D Sound

If you’d like more information about this space-saving bit of audio tech wizardry, check out LG’s page about the SoundPlate and see if it solves any — or many — of the problems you’ve had with lesser sound systems.