Aluminum Scorpion Kit Packs a Sting
The Aluminum Scorpion Kit allows you to assemble this hybrid sculpture of primordial and futuristic elements — a little horror with your sci-fi, if you prefer. [Image shared by Amazon]
In my younger years, I was completing a training course at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas when I had my first experience with scorpions. We were staying in older barracks that had been built during World War II. After our arrival, some of us noticed that we were not the only ones occupying the building. There was a small invasion of scorpions that seemed to feel the barracks was theirs and theirs alone. We all took great care to make sure our boots were not left on the floor while we slept, and we also watched where we stepped when it was time to use the latrine.

I’m not saying that the experience traumatized me, but I’ll admit that I’d rather assemble an Aluminum Scorpion Kit and wind up with this sharp-looking, metal facsimile of the wee beastie than deal with the real thing again. And while it’s easy enough for kids to put together, it’s still fun for adult model enthusiasts to assemble, as well.

Features of the Aluminum Scorpion Kit

  • It’s made of aluminum (that may have been obvious).
  • Its legs, tail, and stinger are movable.
  • Instructions are kid-friendly.
  • There’s no need to solder any parts or joints.
  • Assembly tools are included with the kit, so you don’t even have to own a tool box to participate.

The Aluminum Scorpion Kit consists of 30 hard and soft pre-punched aluminum parts, along with the screws, nuts, springs, and tool for completing its assembly with minimal fuss and maximum fun!

If you’re a model enthusiast (or know someone who is), pick up your own Aluminum Scorpion Kit today!