Mini Crime Scene Tape Marks Sites of Tiny Tragedies
When a tiny tragedy takes place in your home or at the office, you can use this Mini Crime Scene Tape to seal off the site while your miniscule investigation is under way. [Image shared by Amazon]
Is there someone in your home or at the office who habitually “borrows” things from you and conveniently “forgets” to return them? Do you have a coworker who constantly commandeers your best stapler? Is there a roommate who always swipes your last box of mac and cheese from the cupboard? Do you have a snarky sibling who regularly snakes your favorite sweater? Is the break room microwave a mess in spite of the fact that you wiped it down just before the lunch rush?

When direct confrontation about these moderately minor (but still frustrating) transgressions has proven pointless in the past, it’s time to harness the power of passive-aggressiveness mixed with a dash of humor and mark these defiled spaces with the Mini Crime Scene Tape!

Fans of CSI and other crime drama stories will probably get a kick out of the Mini Crime Scene Tape more than anyone, but it’s a pretty clear message to the guilty (they know who they are!) as well as a sympathetic nod to others who suffer the indignity of microscopic wrongdoings. After all, it’s the little misdemeanors in life that can drive us most mad, no?

Two Rolls of Mini Crime Scene Tape May Be Better Than One — But Beware!

One roll of Mini Crime Scene Tape dispenses 100 feet of bright yellow with this repeating message in alarmingly bold black: CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS. If 100 feet isn’t enough to make the point to those around you, you can always pick up a second roll to have in reserve. Alternatively, you can try to surround yourself with people who are more respectful of your personal space and its belongings, but that’s not always an idea solution. You can’t really leave your family because they won’t stop destroying the kitchen every time you turn your back, can you?

Can you?

If you do decide to go with multiple rolls of Mini Crime Scene Tape, I recommend buying each one separately at Amazon instead of going for the “Pack of 2” option. It may be a glitch on the site at the time of this writing, but it seems to charge you a few bucks more for each roll when bought in bulk than it would to purchase them individually.

It’s almost — dare I say it — a crime! A wee crime, at least, so maybe this is an appropriate item to fit the situation.

Get your own Mini Crime Scene Tape — for yourself or as a gift to the crime drama savvy — today!