Da Vinci Catapult Kit Launches Clay Balls 15'

The Da Vinci Catapult Kit won’t help you storm any castles taller than a kindergartner, but it can launch clay balls up to 15′ — with science! [Image shared by Amazon]
When the term “Renaissance Man” is thrown around at polite dinner parties, the first person who usually springs to mind is Leonardo Da Vinci. Here was a man who not only brought the world treasures like The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but who has been given credit for expanding human knowledge in the arts and sciences possibly more than anyone else in the history of the world. While not all of the claims attributed to his innovation can be verified, there’s no doubt that Da Vinci’s genius has inspired generations to dream beyond perceived boundaries to better the cause of human progress.

Then we also have to consider his contributions to the efficiency of warfare — which could arguably be seen as a step away from human progress — but we’re not here to judge a guy who perished centuries ago. For example, Da Vinci was able to improve upon the catapult — a siege weapon that had been around since ancient times — by making a few modifications of his own to increase its range and overall effectiveness in destroying whatever (or whoever) had the misfortune of being in its path.

Nowadays, this implement has been reduced to a mere plaything — if one pocket of mankind is serious about doing harm to another pocket of mankind, we’ve got weapons that operate on an atomic level to do the job.

The Da Vinci Catapult Kit gives us a scaled-down, wooden model that serves as a quaint demonstration of how the powers of math and science can be employed to hurl a weapon of not-so-mass destruction 15 feet or so (some have reported 19 feet)!

It doesn’t arrive in the box pre-assembled, so putting it together should give you some proper insight toward how it operates from a ground-up perspective.

Da Vinci Catapult Kit for Personal or Educational Use

Building a model is a great way to spend time with your friends or family — especially kids and grandkids (just speaking from experience, here); the Da Vinci Catapult Kit is a perfect project toward this end. And not only will it look nice on your mantel upon completion, but it will properly propel the included soft clay balls across the room to terrorize the pillow forts of your kids and grandkids who didn’t feel like joining in the model-building fun.

Valuable lesson considered learned: won’t they be sorry?

The specific, step-by-step diagrams that come with the kit are even easy enough for youngsters to comprehend, though adult supervision wouldn’t be a bad idea. Who knows? Maybe your deviously brainy kid will spot something that Da Vinci missed and create a superweapon from the template that’s capable of knocking the planet off of its axis. Keep an eye on that monster, will you?

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