Vino2Go Tumbler for the Wino on the Move
The Vino2Go Tumbler holds 10 ounces of your favorite wine or other beverage and keeps it safe from gnats and other pesky critters. [Image shared by Amazon]
There are times in life when having a glass of wine on the go is completely appropriate. And when I say on the go, it doesn’t necessarily mean for a long distance. In fact, I personally enjoy a glass of wine in the evening hours of the summer before dinner, especially in the oasis of my backyard. Sitting on the back deck, with the barbecue blazing, is one of the great enjoyments in life — especially when a nice steak is sizzling to perfection along with a fine glass of vino.

So how do we keep the bugs out of fine wine while enjoying a beautiful evening? The Vino2Go Tumbler holds 10 ounces of your favorite wine, and it ensures that those nasty gnats, flies, and other critters will not spoil a precious drop since it has a closing lid to protect your liquid treasure. In fact, the Vino2Go can be used with just about any beverage to help protect it from the onslaught of bugs.

Why Two Vino2Go Tumblers Are Better Than One

Does anyone really prefer to drink alone? Those of us who are lucky enough to have a significant other should always be ready to share a bottle of our favorite wine. And sure, we could just drink straight from the bottle like a pair of savages, but why would we do such a thing when we can easily have a couple of Vino2Go Tumblers on hand? Thankfully, the makers of the Vino2Go Tumbler know that we wine drinkers are sophisticated and social, so two are included in every package.

So if you and your drinking buddy want to carry your beverages down to the dock, around on your boat, along the beach, across the park, or just in your car (don’t drink and drive!), the Vino2Go Tumbler will ensure that your wine will make the journey — without a single intrusion by suicidally thirsty insects!

Get your own Vino2Go Tumbler (and its identical twin) today!