World's Easiest Diet Kit
The World’s Easiest Diet Kit doesn’t involve sketchy pills or an exhausting exercise regimen to help you shed unwanted weight. It probably won’t help you lose weight, either, unless you count the calories shed by gag gift-induced laughter. Baby steps, right? [Image shared by Amazon]
When trying to trim down to a more ideal waist size, self control can be rough to summon. Sometimes a push in the right direction is just what you need to get on track. The World’s Easiest Diet Kit isn’t going to give you that push, but it might make you laugh a few pounds off if it’s given to you as a well-meaning gag gift by someone who understands the frustrations that go along with weight maintenance.

The World’s Easiest Diet Kit consists of useless utensils that are designed to deprive their users of that most devilish of obstacles to weight loss: food. Think of how many pounds you could shed if only you’d give up eating altogether!

The World’s Easiest Diet Kit is Useless Fun

Let me make it clear that this is not intended to make light of those who have legitimate eating disorders. This is for those among us who annually make the same New Year’s resolution to drop some of that pesky holiday weight, but just can’t seem to stick with the program for more than a month or so. Or it’s for that person in your life who tries every fad diet on the market only to give up when it doesn’t magically melt the desired pounds away in a week.

When inner discipline fails, the World’s Easiest Diet Kit is a humorously low-tech approach to remind us that taking desperate measures — like starvation — is as simple as hijacking common household items to be entirely worthless. Here’s a spoon with a big hole in the middle — good luck with that soup! Here’s a fork that’s too short to stab anything bigger than your ambition to consume lemon meringue pie — you wouldn’t eat pie with your hands, would you? Would you?

Get The World’s Easiest Diet Kit for yourself or a friend who won’t take it too seriously!