Manatea Infuser is a Companion Most Teaworthy

What’s half-man, half-tea and lurks beneath the surface of murky beverages? It might just be a Manatea Infuser! [Image shared by Amazon]
Half-man! Half-tea! This rabid denizen of the nightmare realms lurks beneath the surface of murky beverages and leaps out to sup on the blood of… oh, wait. That’s not what a manatea is?

Oh, right. I was thinking of a manatee. This is something completely different. Sort of. It’s a Manatea Infuser!

The Manatea Infuser is a punny salute to the rare and gentle marine mammals known as manatees (or sea cows, if you prefer). I’m told that they don’t really drink the blood of people, so don’t worry!

The Manatea Infuser: Functional and Fun

If you’re a real tea connoisseur, you probably know the difference between pre-bagged tea and tea that’s made fresh from tea leaves with the assistance of an infuser. For coffee fans among us, it’s a lot like the difference between having a cup made from pre-ground coffee and coffee beans that you grind yourself. There’s just something better about it, don’t you think?

And if you don’t, then maybe you should get your tastebuds examined, bub!

Sure, using a premade teabag can produce satisfactory results, but it’s just not the same as spending a little extra time to make the real thing. In the end, with the aid of the charming Manatea Infuser, it’s really not much more time sensitive than going the premade route. Here’s what you do:

  • Purchase your tea leaves of preference.
  • Fill your Manatea Infuser with the tea leaves.
  • Place your Manatea Infuser in hot water.
  • Let the Manatea Infuser sit in the hot water until the proper strength has developed.
  • Serve piping hot to yourself or your guests! Simple, see?

You can then remove the Manatea Infuser from your cup or drink it while facing the little fellow in a staring contest to see who’s the superior mammal. (Hint: the Manatea Infuser never blinks.)

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